Is your SEO strategy still producing organic marketing results? This is an important question to ask on a regular basis because Google changes their algorithms more than 600 times per year, making SEO anything but a set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategy. If you notice that your rankings are going down in local search or in your Google marketing, it could be because you are using outdated methods to generate results. As an online marketing and SEO company, we are constantly evaluating and making adjustments as needed to ensure that our customers Google marketing efforts are successful.

Warning: If you are using old SEO tactics like filling your website with keywords without useful or readable content, your rankings will go down. For years, this was the most common strategy and since it did not benefit users, sites that continue to focus SEO efforts on what appears “spammy” will suffer as their ranking goes down.

Here Are SEO Strategies That You Can Try Today

Local search. With an increase in mobile users and the desire to find businesses nearby, Google marketing and local search have become increasingly important. Make sure that your local business listing is updated, accurate, and complete so that users can find your dental office and click-to-call for an appointment.

Responsive website. Making your website responsive or mobile friendly may actually improve your organic marketing. Google has started placing labels on sites that are mobile friendly when the users conducts a mobile search. We anticipate an algorithm coming out that will put these sites higher up in a search result, making changing your website an easy way to improve your Google marketing.

Content and blogging. An excellent way to share useful information while also optimizing for keywords is to write blogs. You should have a blog feeding into your website. Avoid stuffing your blog posts with keywords and instead have a keyword strategy that flows naturally into the content. This can provide direct SEO benefits but must be done carefully.

Social signals. Social media plays an important role in SEO because as users read your blog or visit your website and share that information through social media, it indicates that what you had to say was relevant to the user. These social signals can improve your organic ranking so it is important to add sharing buttons to your website and blog post pages so that you can receive the organic marketing benefit.

Call tracking. If you really want to know the impact of local search and Google marketing, use call tracking. By associating a differing phone number with different ads or various places on your website, you can tell what efforts are making the phone ring and know where to spend more of your marketing dollars.

At Dental SEO Sites, we can perform an analysis on your website and determine how you can improve your SEO and organic marketing efforts to drive conversions. When done correctly SEO efforts, in combination with a PPC campaign for local search, can generate more patient calls and grow your practice.