The popularity and growth of social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn is no joke. Just over the last year, LinkedIn’s stock has shot up to double what it was worth at the start of the year while Facebook saw a 40% increase in value. Those numbers really speak and they’re telling us that social media marketing is the wave of the future. And the future is now.

Be a Part of the Scene

Billboards along busy, congested stretches of freeways are expensive for a reason. They’re visible. And they’re going to beg attention from even those who aren’t “looking”. Following this same theory, advertising online has taken a completely different stance over the last few years. Advertisers have become savvy to the fact that they need to put themselves in front of people instead of relying on people finding them and so began the rampage of targeting social media sites.

Get in on the Action

It’s about time that you stop thinking about Facebook as a virtual playground and start seeing it as what it has become: a fantastic way to market your business. Think about when you go to a sporting event. There are ads plastered everywhere you look. This is the same kind of concept. Yes, Facebook is fun and entertaining but it’s also a place where products and services are constantly in your face even if you’re not looking for them.

Another site that used to be primarily thought of as an online resume-posting pit, LinkedIn has evolved into a social media metropolis. Offering a more “business-like” social scene, LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to spread word about your practice to all of your colleagues and then everyone else’s colleagues, classmates, and contacts too.

Smarten Up to Facebook & LinkedIn Marketing

No matter what’s stopping you from utilizing these two unbelievably popular sites to gain more business, it’s time to jump into the advertising wave of the future. Here are just a couple of facts about social media marketing that’ll help get you informed and ready to take on this new approach to marketing:

The less your advertisement looks like an advertisement, the better. The best way to really get in on the action is to put ads where people can’t help but see them. In the past, banner ads and other paid ads trained people to block out certain areas of search pages. All of the in-your-face nonsense just retrained everyone on how to “surf”. Now, the most successful advertisers are sending messages in a much more personal way. They’re injecting them in the midst of things that people don’t like to ignore – like newsfeeds. If your ad looks like editorial, users are much more likely to pay attention to it – and, yes, maybe even READ it!

As organic search results have become the new way to advertise on Google, paid search just isn’t as enticing. Though companies obviously still pay for ads, the best way to get attention is to get it organically. Make sure that your online content is relevant and noteworthy and you’re likely to get many more clicks than if you just pay to play.

SEO & Social Media Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand

Online search results are becoming more and more dependent on social kudos and, soon enough, SEO and Social Media Marketing will be tied together by an even stronger bond than what exists today. The two have become so conjoined because many people who go online spend most of their time either searching on Google or zipping through social sites.

Although it is possible to be successful online without the use of social media marketing, no one should miss out on an easy opportunity to increase the recognition of their business.