It is important to create a comprehensive marketing strategy for your dental practice that includes local search, paid search, social media, and content marketing as part of your SEO plan.

Competition is fierce online, and the winner is rewarded with more website views, calls, and patient appointments. Make sure that you are competitive by incorporating various aspects of SEO into your strategy. This way your website will show up quickly in search results, providing you with the opportunity to gain more patients.

When allocating your 2015 marketing budget be sure to direct funds towards SEO and online marketing. As you do, consider how those funds need to be spent in order to get the best results. Remember to focus on local search since this is how you will gain the most new patients.

Start with Your Website Analysis

When updating your online marketing strategy, start by performing a quick analysis of your website to determine if there are any technical aspects that need to be fixed while ensuring that each page is mobile friendly or responsive. Next, look at your content and see if your site is structured to gain benefit from Google algorithms changes like Panda. Otherwise, you could be inadvertently penalized by using an old content strategy.

Then Move to Your Web Presence

You should then identify what you want to accomplish with local search and if you have the resources in-house in order to do so. This requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that involves both paid search and social media.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an office manager or other busy staff can handle all of your online marketing. It takes time, skill, and savvy to produce real results. If you have a team member that can be cross trained and has the time to dedicate towards an aspect of your online marketing – excellent.

Now you need to evaluate where you are weak and hire third party providers to fill in the gaps. Your competitors are online and trying to gain business from local search so not competing isn’t an option if you want your practice to grow.

Finally, Implement Your Changes

When it comes time to implement your marketing strategy, consider what results you are looking for. You need to have clear and measurable goals so that success can be calculated at a later date. For example, what equals social media success? Is it how many likes you get, how often users interact with your posts, how many reviews you get, etc.?

With paid search this is much easier to measure because you can use analytics to determine how many people are clicking on your ads and what they do once they have reached your website. Local search results, on the other hand, are a constant moving target. You cannot simply set it and forget it but rather need to continuously work to improve your SEO so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

If you don’t have these resources internally, we can help. For more information, call Dental SEO Sites today.