Local SEO plays an important role in helping dental practices acquire new clients. Local SEO makes it easy for people to find your dental office when they are searching for a dentist near their current location. One of the many ways people are searching for services locally is through map applications. Map apps, like Google Maps, can display your business information and provide step by step directions to your door step. As a dentist you can get listed on these directories and use it to further your organic marketing campaign.

Apple understands the importance of having a map application that is convenient and widely used by consumers. Apple has tried to overtake Google Maps as the solutions consumers prefer, but has had difficulty catching up. They even put the Apple Maps app on every iPhone, only to have millions of users download Google Maps instead. Since then Apple has been on an acquisition spree to acquire companies that can improve their map application. They recently purchased Embark, a company that developed mass transit apps for 10 US cities. These apps are free to download and provide travelers with information on routes, delays, and step by step trip planning. Integrating their technology will provide Apple with a cutting edge solution for millions of people that ride public transportation, rather than driving a car. As a dentist, you can take advantage of these changes by use local SEO marketing techniques to reach patients that ride the bus. You can use these tools to inform people of how close your practice is to the bus stop. Remember – local SEO is all about putting your business information in front of people that are doing a local search. You can take it one step further by showing how convenient you are to mass transit.

Apple is aggressively improving its map application and this will continue to provide businesses with opportunities to reach consumers. Google Maps is still the dominant force in the space and if your business is not listed with Google’s directory – you need to be and quickly. If someone moves to the area and needs to find a new dentist they are likely to select one from the providers that are close to home or work. If you aren’t listed, they are unlikely to find and consider you. You can also set up your Google+ page so that current patient reviews will show up when prospective patients do a local search for a dentist. Reviews can be a powerful tool for establishing trust.

It is important to stay on top of changing trends in social media, organic marketing, and SEO to ensure that your dental practice is easy to find and continues to grow through new patient acquisition. The online and app space is growing leaps and bounds with mobile marketing experiencing rapid growth. Staying ahead of trends keeps you ahead of the competition. Diversify your advertising now so that you can benefit from continuous consumer driven changes.