Facebook pages are a fantastic way to promote your business and engage patients. You can effectively use Facebook marketing to increase brand awareness and loyalty. The key is to maximize the use of social media by staying up to date on trends and tips. You can grow your dental practice, and retain existing patients, through the use of social media. Facebook has recently released new updates that can make your Facebook page more user friendly and relevant. Do an audit of your Facebook page to make sure it is optimized using their latest features.

Facebook Optimization Tips

Custom URL – Make sure that your Facebook fan page has a custom URL rather than a system generated one. Just like your website should contain the name of your business, your Facebook page can too. This makes it easier for people to find your Facebook page.

Cover Image – Your page cover image can now be customized to include text. Previously you could upload pictures only. Consider hiring a graphic designer to make a cover image that include a picture of your practice or a relevant image while including contact information and a call to action. You could include something simple like, “Make an appointment today and get a free teeth whitening!” or “Call us at 123-4567”. The cover image is the first thing people see so make it count.

Profile Image – Your profile image is the picture people will see on their wall when you post something. This is the small, square icon that is displayed next to your posts. Use an image that people will recognize as being associated with you or your company.

Descriptions – Include a short description underneath your profile image. This should tell viewers exactly who you are and give them a sense of your personality. For example, “Our patients are like family. Visit our comfortable, welcoming office for a dentist visit you can brag about.” This should only be a couple of sentences so think carefully about the image you want to convey.

Tab Apps – You can have several tab apps on your main page. This can include links to your blog or site, contests, or links to reviews. As a dental practice you should connect people with an easy way to make an appointment and read what other patients are saying about you.

Search Engine Optimization – Your “about” section can be optimized for search. Complete this section as it will be indexed by search engines. It should contain the key words people use to search for you, including your location information for local searches.

Categories – Select the category your business for optimal Facebook search results. Users can also check in when they visit you, which tells their friends that you are their preferred dentist.

Facebook marketing is a powerful way to use social media to grow your brand. Engage your current patients by inviting them to upload pictures and talk about their experience. Make sure you have someone managing your page and responding to comments, good and bad. By interacting with your fans they will become part of your community, and you a part of theirs.