Are you curious about cutting edge video production? Many businesses want to incorporate video into their social media efforts but are not sure how to do it, nor do they have a hefty budget for it. With Instagram marketing and their new hyperlapse video app, you don’t have to know anything about video production and can still produce something really cool for your dentistry office.

All you need is an office manager with a smart phone in order to get started, but first – what is a hyperlapse video? This is a video that has been sped up so that you can show social media fans a lot of information in a short amount of time. Since most people crave information, but are unwilling to sit for long videos, this is an excellent way to engage users and provide an inside peak into your dental office and the services you provide.

Hyperlapse Video Ideas

Grab a smart phone and start shooting. You never know what will happen when someone walks around the office filming. Candid videos can be a lot of fun and provide patients with an inside look into how your office staff interacts. You don’t need to be an expert in video production to shoot some funny clips.

Tour the office. New patients want to know what to expect when visiting your office. Give them a tour of the waiting area, exam rooms and any high-tech features to show them why a trip to your dental office will be comfortable and inviting. Promote the video using Instagram marketing and Facebook so that it pulls up in an image search.

Video a procedure. Ask one of your patients if they are comfortable with you videotaping a teeth cleaning or other type of procedure. People often wonder what will happen when they are in the dentist chair, and this is your opportunity to show them using social media.

Smiling faces. When a patient is willing to let you use their photo for a testimonial, take a still shot and a video of them in your office. Seeing smiling, happy patients is the best way to instill confidence in your ability as a dentist.

How to videos. Shoot videos from your patients’ perspective and teach them how to brush their teeth more efficiently, demonstrate what a healthy diet looks like by videotaping someone eating three example meals, or show them how to care for something like a set of dentures. Think about anything that your patients may want to know about and turn it into a demonstrative video.

Instagram marketing is a fun way to give prospective patients a glimpse into your office, how procedures are performed, and the friendly vibe of your staff. It is common for adults to have dental anxiety and by bringing them into the process and providing a behind the scenes look – you can ease a lot of the common fears and welcome them through social media and your own simple video production.