As a dentist, it is important to keep your image consistent throughout your social media marketing. While this concept may sound simple, it takes focus and purpose to create a brand. Whether posting images or blogs for content marketing, it is important to have a single image and voice. Simple steps can make the difference of an image being recognized as being associated with you or missing out on potential brand recognition.

Social Media Image Tips

Use your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, get one created. A logo is an easy way to brand images so that they can be associated with your practice. For example, if you are uploading before and after images of patients that have gotten a smile makeover, you can place your logo onto the image. When you do, make sure that you position it in the lower right corner. This creates a level of consistency that pulls your images together.

Consistent Fonts. Select your favorite two or three fonts and use them in all of your social media marketing along with the title text for your content marketing whenever possible. If you are using a combination of images and text, use one of those three fonts to impose a catchy phrase onto the photo that goes with your blog post. Nike does an excellent job of this and after a while when people see an image with your font being used, they will start to think of your brand.

Consistent Colors. Use the colors found within your logo across various social media channels. For example, when you are designing your channel art for YouTube, make sure to incorporate your brand colors. The goal is for someone to view your profile Facebook Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. and recognize the page as belonging to your practice. These same colors should be prominent on your website as well.

Select the right image. If you are selecting an image to go with a blog post for content marketing, posting a photo on your Facebook page, or using them in an offline brochure, make sure that the images are consistent with your brand and dental practice. For example, a picture of someone running with a puppy may be cute but it doesn’t say dental practice. However, images of people smiling, toothbrushes, and even healthy food can visually describe what you do.

To properly execute this strategy, you need to have a logo designed, select your colors, and know what your brand stands for. After doing so, you can structure all of your social media, content marketing, and offline marketing to be consistent. This will help patients to recognize your brand across multiple platforms and increase engagement.