Many dentists are aware of the phrase “content is king” but what does that really mean? In a world with websites, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Google+ marketing, and organic marketing, it can be difficult to know what to write and where to post it. Since there are multiple ways to connect with prospective patients, even a 140 character tweet can provide opportunities for engagement.

Tips to create your content marketing strategy

Focus on your core audience. Consider who your main prospects are. While everyone can use dental services, what is your target market? Is it moms, retirees, busy professionals, etc.? Once identified, write your website content, blog posts, and social media posts with them in mind. For example, when planning a local search campaign use keywords that a parent may search for like “dentist for kids”. Write blogs from this perspective by giving parents tips and tricks that can also be shared one at a time through your social media posts. This is an excellent way to keep your content consistent and use the same content in different ways.

Use images. When writing a blog post, be sure to include images. Multimedia is an important part of organic marketing since people are more likely to read and share a post that contains a captivating image. You can even produce short videos in your office and deliver tips that way.

Stay relevant. As a dentist, you may be interested in the science or technology behind a new procedure. Most patients, however, are interested in how the technology will improve their personal experience. This ties into Google+ marketing since most people won’t search for the latest technological advancement, but they may search for “pain-free dentistry”. With that in mind, your blog posts and organic marketing need to highlight how new technology is used to create pain-free dentistry or another term that your patients may search for.

Watch what works. Your Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and Google+ marketing can all work together. If you tweet a particular dental tip and see that it is catching traction, re-purpose that content by writing a blog post that can be promoted on Facebook and Google+. This will create additional opportunities to interact with prospective patients and improve your organic marketing. You can even incorporate the concept behind your tip into your paid Google marketing campaign by running an ad with those keywords.

Play games. You can increase the interaction on your social media platforms by posting funny pictures and asking for taglines, running a contest, letting people vote for things, etc. With Facebook marketing, you can get as creative as you like, and when you do, there is an increased chance that your fans will participate and share your page or contest with their friends.

If you were to keep several things in mind when writing content remember to keep it fresh, original, and relevant to your audience. Fortunately, you will be able to make adjustments as you go by paying attention to what is driving engagement on your Google+ marketing, Facebook marketing, and organic marketing, in general. Continue to make adjustments based on what your patients want to see in order to increase your overall exposure and brand recognition.