In a recent study conducted by Forrester Research only fifteen percent of Americans and ten percent of Europeans trust information being distributed via social media marketing. While this is terrible news for a Facebook marketing platform, the study provided insight into why content management and search engine optimization for local search is so important.

The study found that the second most trusted form of advertising came from professionally written reviews and the third most trusted form was consumer reviews. In other words people trust other people’s judgment and opinions over that of paid advertising. At Dental SEO Sites we leverage this by encouraging your customers to place reviews on Google+ and other sites. Social signals play a powerful role in leveraging social media in order to get consumer reviews. When a person shares your content or becomes a fan, they are in essence “reviewing” your products and services by promoting you through their social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

What Did the Forrester Research Study Reveal?

• 55% of Americans stated that they trust a professionally written review, such as consumer reports or advise by experts.
• 46% stated that they trusted consumer written reviews.

Showing Your Authority Online

As a dentist you are an expert in your field. Consumers already trust you and come to you for professional advice. We can leverage the power of local SEO, social media, and content management to position you as an expert – offering advice that consumers want to hear. By placing quality, tip based, content on your website and blog we can provide PPC management so that when consumers search for specific keywords ads pop up directing them to your site. For example if you write a blog post about “How to treat tooth pain in children” we can use PPC management to ensure that when a consumer types “tooth pain in children” into the search field an ad directing them to your website or blog shows up. We can narrow it down further to apply to local search only so that you are specifically targeting people in your home town.

Obtaining Online Reviews

The easiest way to obtain consumer reviews is to reach out to your current customers and ask them to participate. By creating your Google+ profile consumers have a place where they can easily write reviews about you, upload photos, and provide you with an excellent opportunity to increase your local SEO. Ensuring that your practice has a higher SEO rankings and following up to ensure your customer reviews show up is a proven way to increase business. The Forrester study shows that it is reviews, professional and personal, which help consumers who are making decisions about a purchase.

While banner ads and even traditional media can get you exposure, a well ran local SEO campaign not only connects your dentistry with potential patients in your area but leverages your reviews. By taking it one step further and asking patients to write reviews you can turn their recommendation into trusted advice, enabling your practice to acquire more patients from local SEO. You can even take it one step further by recommending patients to also like your Facebook page and other social networks. This way they can start promoting you among their friends and family.