On Thursday, April 30, 2015 Dental SEO Sites announced that its subsidiary, Dental Genius, has officially launched a new comprehensive dental marketing program at the California Dental Association’s annual conference, CDA Presents, in Anaheim, CA.


Attendees anxiously wait to see if they have won the Apple watch.

With nearly 27,000 attendees, Dental Genius drew many curious guests as the Dental Genius sales team happily answered many, many questions regarding the new marketing program. Additionally, the sales team raffled off a highly coveted Apple Watch on Saturday to one of the lucky attendees.

The Genius Suite takes your dental practice to a completely different level by integrating everything you need to not only market your practice, but to keep your online presence up-to-date in the midst of the ever changing Internet environment.

To help you sustain growth and stay on top, the Genius Suite combines –

     •  Call & Webform Tracking
     •  New Patient Inquiries
     •  Appointment Scheduling
     •  Genius Frameworks

Dental Genius combines the powerful features of a branded website reflecting your personal touch focused on directing traffic to your mobile-friendly webforms with an integrated Reporting Dashboard. Paired with a unique Call Tracking Number, it’s the ROI engine — redefined.

Make appointments and use your call tracking number to safely and securely track your incoming calls anywhere you can sign in. Perfect for multi-location dental practices, traveling doctors, and practices seeking long-term positive investment into a modern Online Marketing Campaign with a team of high integrity developers, designers, and web analytical specialists following all current Google Standards.


Newly graduated Dr. Parker Mitchell (pictured here) was the lucky winner.

“We are fully booked (for weeks at a time) with well-informed dental patients who appreciate the quality, value and care we provide. These patients who recognize our expertise are a good match for our practice. Our return on investment with Dental Genius was excellent and we renewed our contract for another year. If you want to work with knowledgeable people, Dental Genius could be a good match for you as well.”

– Dr. Levente Z. Bodak-Gyovai, DMD


For more information on Dental Genius, visit www.dentalgenius.com or call (888) 399-8236.