Mobile marketing is becoming essential as more and more users search for information on the go. As a local dentist, your web development team needs to make sure that every page on your site is mobile friendly and that paid search ads lead to pages with a responsive design. If not, your load times could be slow, text difficult to read, and conversions mediocre at best. Don’t waste money by running mobile ads that don’t work. Instead, spend the time to improve your mobile marketing and web development strategies to ensure that you can benefit from increased conversions that lead to appointments being set.

Increase Conversions on Your Mobile Paid Search Ads

Responsive web development. Your website needs to be easy to read, regardless of what device a person uses in order to find your site. Responsive design is the best way to go because the website conforms to the screen for each individual device. That means that if someone looks at your dental site on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they will have an equally enjoyable experience.
Mobile friendly conversion options. Your ads need to point to a landing page or web page that has mobile friendly conversion options like “click to call” or “click to schedule an appointment”. This way with a touch of a button, users can connect with your practice. There is no need to write down a phone number or for them to take additional steps, which may never happen.

Ways to Improve Your Paid Search Ads

You can do specific things to improve your mobile marketing by making your ads more effective. Some of the best practices include: insert an offer into your ad, mention your location, include a phone number for an easy click to call, and use a call extension to make it even easier for users. You can also run a mobile preferred ad which will ensure that there is no truncation and that the ad comes across more clearly. The goal is to provide essential information and make it easy for potential patients to contact you. With busy moms and dads scheduling appointments in between business meetings and soccer practice, asking them to write down your phone number is not a good idea. They should be able to click a button and call your office while sitting in the carpool lane.

You should always test out your website and your paid search ads on your own mobile devices. This way you can make sure that there are no errors and have them corrected by your web development team if there are. You may also want to consider working with an agency like Dental SEO Sites that can improve your website and run your mobile advertising at the same time. By working with a singular company, you can ensure that everything is working together smoothly.