You can use Google Webmaster Tools to improve your basic on page SEO. As a business, it is important for consumers to find you online. Taking the time to improve your SEO can not only improve your Google marketing but also increase the natural organic traffic to your website.

Some SEO Best Practices You Need To Know

Why Content Matters

Fresh, relevant content, is extremely important for SEO. With the release of Google Hummingbird,it is important to provide information and answer questions in “natural language”. Avoid stuffing keywords and instead focus on quality. You can see how well your content is working by using the Google Index tool. This tells you how Google sees your website by displaying how often keywords, or a variation of them, were found on your website. Solid content should be part of any Google marketing strategy.


Use the HTML Improvements tool to find out what content cannot be indexed and if there are any problems with your title tags or meta descriptions. Using this tool is a simple SEO best practice that will let you know if pages are missing tags or have duplicate ones.

What is Structured Data?

Unless you are a web developer or online marketing expert,you may have never heard this term. Structured data is how you can explain the information on your website to the search engine. In order to do,so you need to have this tool installed on your website. This way you can see the type of structured data Google was able to find on your website. Use this data to make changes and enhance your SEO. The team at Dental SEO is happy to explain this further and show you how to use it on your site.

Sitemap Test

You can test your sitemap and quickly find out if anything needs to be fixed by uploading the URL to the sitemap test tool. The stats also show the type of data such as video, images, etc. You can improve your Google marketing efforts by taking a few minutes to make sure there are no errors in your sitemap.

Warning: Remove URL’s Carefully

You can use your Google webmaster tools to permanently remove a URL. Let me be clear;this is permanent. Be very careful to avoid removing something that you only want gone temporarily. Do not use this if you are simply needing to redirect a URL.

Google marketing is an essential function in making sure your website is seen by the right people at the right time. By using SEO best practices,you can improve your website and your quality score. This will make you easier to find and help your paid ads display higher. For more information on how to improve your website contact the Dental SEO Sites team. We are happy to assist you.