As a dentist, you can use email marketing to help grow your practice. Email marketing allows you to stay in front of current and prospective patients just like you do on social media. The main difference is that an email goes directly to them, where they are likely to see it without requiring them to login to their social media profile.

Start by Building a List Online & Offline

In order to get started, you must first build your subscriber list. This can be done both on and offline. Start by working with your web developer and having them place a sign up form on your website. This should be on your homepage and on the page that you have for your blog or news updates. Make sure that it is easy to see and captures attention so that you increase the likelihood of someone noticing and filling it out. Some people prefer to have a popup request and whether or not you use this option should be based on personal preference. You can also post a link to your sign-up form on your social media profiles. Since these users are already interacting with you online this is simply one more way for them to do so.

You should also build your email marketing list offline by asking for your patient’s email address, and permission to contact them, on your new patient intake forms. You can ask for this information when scheduling new appointments or signing patients in as well. Taking a few extra moments to do so, will help you to grow your subscriber base quickly.

We recommend that you run your email campaign through a newsletter service. There are several free or inexpensive ones available. This way you can upload your subscriber list and they will send it out for you. If someone no longer wants to be on the list, they can unsubscribe easily, and you don’t have to be responsible for managing it.

Your Email’s Subject Makes a Difference

When sending out your emails, incorporate some of the same strategies that you do when planning your social media campaign. Make the titles of your emails interesting. Never use a boring title like “November Newsletter” instead compel them to click by writing a title like “Tips you don’t want to miss for keeping your teeth healthy”. This simple change can make a major difference in how many people open and read your email. A catchy title may also improve your organic marketing as people forward it to their friends.

As you write the content for the body of your email, include valuable information. Whenever possible add photos and videos that visually demonstrate what you are describing. This can inspire your patients to act when combined with a call-to-action statement like “schedule an appointment today”.

Link It All Together

Be sure to put links into your email for your website and social media profiles. This way users can connect with you through other avenues as well. This can actually help to increase the number of fans that you have on Facebook and Twitter. For patients that you have been wanting to connect with online, but have been unable to do so, this is an easy way to engage them and direct them towards those profiles.

Start your email marketing today and use it to grow your practice and user engagement online.