No one needs to tell you that Facebook has become a social networking phenomenon. Social networks like this make keeping in touch and in sync with the people you know easier and a lot more fun. And since most people are socializing on the go, accessing social sites via a mobile device has become the usual routine. This means more opportunities for mobile marketing through social media.

Top Social Networks by Mobile Users

1) Facebook has about 750 million mobile users.

2) Google+ has reeled in about 350 million mobile users.

3) Twitter has about 300 million mobile tweeters.

Marketing on Social Networks

So, what does this mean to small businesses? That’s right. Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing and Google+ marketing should become a regular part of your advertising plan. Don’t worry about hitting every single one of the social sites. If you did, you just might have to hire someone full-time to manage your social networking alone. Instead, just focus on the top 3 since they carry the most mobile users anyway.