A study conducted by WordStream found that small businesses waste a quarter of their paid placement marketing budget by not effectively managing their PPC campaigns. They reviewed the Google AdWords campaigns for 500 small businesses throughout the country that managed their own campaign rather than hiring PPC management companies.

3 Common Mistakes These Small Businesses Made

Lack of Conversion Tracking – Many small businesses did not have conversion tracking on their landing pages, making it difficult to track the effectiveness of a campaign and make improvements as necessary.

No Call Extensions – Many of the businesses were using paid search advertising to try and generate leads by increasing customer calls. The problem is that over 95% of the companies did not have an extension, or separate phone number, set up for their campaign. In order for small business marketing to run efficiently you need to know where your leads are coming from and that is why a separate extension or phone number is critical for call tracking.

No PPC Management – By studying these companies it was clear that a lot of opportunity and money is lost by not having someone to practice daily PPC management. For example the study showed that: 126 insurance quotes were lost, 569 sales requests were lost, and 157 B2B supplier leads were lost to name a few. There needs to be a dedicated person managing your lead process in order to make sure you receive the maximum benefit from your paid search campaign.

Advertising for Mobile Search

Mobile search is becoming more and more relevant – Google AdWords gives businesses the ability to run a desktop and mobile specific campaign. This gives you greater control and flexibility over your ad buys and helps you to reach consumers where you feel they are most likely to take action. Small business marketing is most effective when you reach a targeted audience while they are in need of your products or services.

Do Not Put Your Paid Search Campaign on Auto Pilot

It is imperative that someone is managing your PPC in order to make sure that your small business marketing efforts generate the maximum impact. Many small businesses do not have the time to manage their campaign, especially as a business grows. That is why hiring a firm, like Dental SEO Sites, is a wise decision. You can increase your conversion rates, stop missing out on leads, and track the success of each campaign in order to improve it.

Google is making constant changes to their search algorithms and how paid search campaigns run. Keeping up to date is critical for success. Experts in Paid Placement Management can make sure that you benefit from these changes, rather than being left behind.