As a dentist, you should be using LinkedIn marketing to position yourself as an industry expert. Before you start, make sure that your profile is built up with information on you, your educational experience, your practice, awards, accolades, and contact information. Next, focus your efforts on content marketing. LinkedIn provides multiple ways to publish your content which will increase your overall exposure and be good for your organic marketing efforts.

After you have written a blog post or article, here is how you can get exposure on LinkedIn to increase your organic marketing efforts.

Gain Exposure from Blog Posts on LinkedIn

Join channels. LinkedIn marketing can be more effective if you join and participate in channels. There are channels with thousands and millions of followers, creating an excellent promotional opportunity. When you write a piece, post it on the channel and see if you get featured. Each article you write can only be featured once so don’t try to publish the same piece across several platforms. Instead, write blogs and articles that are tailored to the channel topic and try to have multiple blogs featured this way. If you are focused on a singular topic, spread out your publishing days in order to be more effective.

Research topics. Content marketing on LinkedIn should be focused on information that other professionals want or need to know. Research different topics and select what you are going to write about based on the data. You can use BuzzSumo to find out which topics do the best on LinkedIn and write accordingly, while still keeping it relevant to your industry. Simply visit the website and type in “keyword” to see which articles rank the highest.

Captivate through images. Every time you publish a blog post, make sure that you have an interesting and relevant image to go along with it. People are very visual and will often click on your post based on the image alone.

Schedule publishing times. Consider when other professionals in your industry are most likely to be online and read your post. This is when you should publish your blog. For example, if most dentists go online around eight in the morning, don’t post your blog at 9:00 pm or it may get lost in the clutter and never been read.

Call to action. Having your content marketing pieces read is the first step but needs to be followed up with action for your organic marketing to have optimal results. Consider what you want your readers to do next. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your blog, or visit your website? Each piece that you publish should have a CTA for maximum results.

LinkedIn marketing is an excellent way to build your profile and status as an expert dental professional. You can gain additional exposure and accolades from your peers through carefully written content marketing pieces. This in turn presents an opportunity to acquire patients that are looking for a dentist with more overall experience.