There are a variety of social media platforms that dentists can use to promote their practice and engage the community. Social media is an online version of what we encounter in real life. Just like there are rules for social settings like “behave professionally at a Chamber luncheon” or “sit and chat with Aunt Sue at Sunday brunch” – social media has firmly established social norms. You can follow them by tailoring your content marketing to the specific audience you are speaking to.

Content Marketing Tips by Social Network

Twitter – Twitter is a social media platform that requires you to deliver the punch line quickly and succinctly. You only have 140 characters to make your point. Instead of saying, “we are offering free teeth whitening for new patients during the month of September” consider saying “free teeth whitening this month!” You can provide a link for people to get more information. People use Twitter for finding snippets of information quickly. It’s like yelling something across the parking lot at another parent during school pick up. You wouldn’t give the details about Saturday’s birthday party – Instead you may say “community pool at 1:00”.

Facebook – Content marketing on Facebook is much more detailed. This social media site enables you to have continuous conversations with your Facebook community. This is a great place to educate people about your practice, specialty, and get them comfortable with having you as a dentist. You can easily showcase your personality on Facebook by having personalized conversations about things that matter to community members. Think of Facebook as a neighborhood barbeque. You can pull up a chair, grab a drink, eat your hamburger and chat with whoever walks by. Just like you would engage people in discussions about the latest Football scores, weather, local event or activity – Facebook gives you an online format to do the same.

LinkedIn – This is the online version of a Chamber mixer or networking event. Most of the users are people within the business community, recruiters, and job seekers. Keep your conversations professional. Consider using LinkedIn to discuss professional designations and awards along with whitepapers and more. If your practice specializes in a certain area you may be able to get referrals from other professionals. From a patient perspective use LinkedIn to promote how visiting your practice can help professionals look more professional with a winning smile.

Google+ – Google+ offers a unique way to implement content marketing because anyone with a gmail account has a Google+. This means your audience is vast and wide. With a diverse readership use a variety of styles when posting. Share your blog on Google+, pictures, and links to things you are involved in. All ages and demographics use this form of social media so rather than trying to appeal to everyone with each post, publish a variety of things.

Social media marketing is a powerful way to engage your community. By knowing your audience you can tailor your content marketing in order to achieve maximum results and grow your practice.