If you are using Facebook pages to enhance your social media marketing be sure to check out their new Pages to Watch Feature. This is an excellent tool that allows you to monitor the competition in order to see what is working and what isn’t. You can improve your Facebook marketing by simply paying attention to other brands, national companies, and local community organizations. All you need is 100 fans to get started.

To create a list of pages you want to monitor, do the following:

• Go to Insights
• Click on Overview
• Scroll to the Add Pages section
• Search for the pages you want and click Watch Page to add it to your list.
• Select a minimum of five other pages to watch.

You can watch up to 100 pages and the more, the better. By watching a high number of pages, you will be able to identify trends that can help you to improve your Facebook marketing and social media strategy overall. When deciding which pages to watch, make a list of the ones that are direct competitors, community groups, and national brands that could provide you with additional insights. The direct competitors are important for understanding if your social media strategy is working where the national brands can give you great ideas for Facebook marketing in general. Additionally, by watching community groups that appeal to your patient base, you can gain inspiration for how to better interact with people locally.

Some of the things you can track are:

Posts that are performing well. When you go to the Insights section, click onto posts, then click Top Posts from Pages You Watch. It will give you their top five performing posts. This will enable you to spot trends and get ideas for how to improve your own. You will be able to see the exact post, what the engagement was and the date it was posted.

Audience growth. Monitor how well your competitors are doing on growing their audience and their overall Facebook marketing. This will tell you if you are on par, ahead, or falling behind and allow you to adjust accordingly. This could be extremely important when competing head to head for the same market share, as is often done with a local dentist office.

Engagement. It is important to monitor engagement levels to see how well people are interacting with your social media page. As a local dentist, you will want to watch other dental practices to see if their engagement levels are similar and adjust as needed. Having fans isn’t enough. Engagement tells the real story.

Set up your Pages to Watch today. This is an easy way to gain information that can help you to improve your Facebook marketing and overall social media strategy. To start a social media campaign, contact us.