Instagram marketing is on the rise as the site was the fastest rising social media platform for companies in 2013. Instagram is owned by Facebook and integrated into the social media giant, making it a social media staple. Your dental practice can run online promotions using Instagram and engage your patients in the process.

Instagram has a higher engagement rate than Facebook and big brands like Macy’s have experienced huge success with the platform. The big brands aren’t the only ones that can benefit from social media and Instagram marketing. Here are our favorite tips for how you can grow your practice through clever online promotions.

Patient Originated Photos

You can place stock images on your website and social media profiles but everyone knows they are models. Pictures of real live patients that have had their smiles brightened or transformed is much more powerful, especially if they are the ones uploading the image. It lends credibility to your practice throughout all of your social media profiles. A picture speaks a thousand words and in this case a patient uploaded photo can become a visual review or endorsement. You can upload their photos to your profiles and website in a “featured” section. Ask patients to email them to you or upload them to Instagram using your hashtag.

Use Patient Photos or Ad Inspiration

If you are running an ad in a local paper why not feature one of your patients. Ask people to upload photos to social media and once you have found your favorite, get permission to use the image in an advertising campaign. You may enjoy their creativity.

Start a Contest

Make social media exciting or your patients and up your Instagram marketing game by running a contest. Give away dinner and a movie, a night at a local hotel, or free teeth whitening. Regardless of the prize, running a contest can be a fun part of your online promotions strategy. Select a hashtag prior to starting your campaign and ask your social media connections and patients to upload a photo using that hashtag. This will help you to identify all of the images and select a winner. It will also increase user engagement which gives you more opportunities for growing your client base. People love showing off their new, gorgeous smile so use this as a way to attract patients that may be interested in cosmetic dentistry.

Make a Video

Gather all of the images you received from your contest and combine them into a video that can be placed onto your website. This will be a fun promotional feature that can also be uploaded to YouTube for additional organic marketing benefit.

Social media and Instagram marketing is a powerful tool that can help you to grow your dental practice. Remember to have fun and make the process exciting for your patients. Promote them by promoting their images and they will promote you back. This is one more way to grow connections and build your brand.