The internet isn’t just a plethora of information. It’s an overabundance of resources that can help you make good decisions and/or bad ones. Reading others’ opinions on anything from where to eat out to where to get their veneers redone has transformed from a perk into somewhat of a dependency for many. That’s why the validity and trustworthiness of online reviews has peaked in importance as people have become more dependent on them.

When it comes to the reliability of online reviews and testimonials, trust really comes into play. How do you make sure the comments are true and voluntary? That’s why Yelp is cracking down on companies who give out incentives or pay in turn for a few good words. Twitter has become increasingly popular for doling out kudos since it’s a bit of a more personal way to share your opinion and establish social proof online.

Word of Mouth is the Best Way to Advertise

You already know from personal experience that hearing a good review from someone you trust is better than and paid ad you can see. It’s hard-core evidence that you’re making a sound decision. Sometimes, after hearing a friend say they love their chiropractor and can’t imagine life without them, you may just give up looking any further.

Spread the Love

Sites such as Facebook, Yelp and Twitter are all great avenues to post reviews and commentary about whatever you like or don’t like in this world. When people genuinely like you (and obviously they do), doesn’t it make you feel good when they voluntarily want to spread the word? It should! That’s why the ability to embed tweets on your website is so amazing. Why not put those good comments to work for you? After all, you worked hard for them.

Embed Your Way to More Recognition

Doing it is easy. Hover over the tweet you want to embed and click more. Then just copy the sharing code and paste on your own site! Now, here are some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on any chance you have to embed tweets on your site:

Testimonials Are Priceless

Encouraging people to give you a good word online isn’t only awkward, it’s also a bit frowned upon these days. You want all of your thumbs up to be genuine and not inspired by you. People are more likely to tweet out a quick few words to promote you rather than log in to another site to post something positive. It takes less time!

Tweet Yourself Some Backup

If you write a story about something where research or other backup may prove helpful, find a good, reliable source and embed a link to another trustworthy tweet. It’ll second what you’re saying and give the reader good reason to trust you since you’re proving that do your homework.

Prompt Re-tweets

Instead of simply posting something on your own page, try tweeting it first and then embed the tweet to your page. It takes care of posting the information and makes it more visible online too. It’s good to get into a habit like this and soon you’ll forget that you’ve even added an extra piece of social media into your life.

Tweet Chats

Twitter “chats” or “parties” may help increase the number of visitors to your site. You can pose a question or topic and set the embedded tweet to invite people to tweet you back right on your page. It’ll then show like a conversation instead of a single tweet.

Make Your Blog More Engaging

Tweet about the blog in a short, quick sentence and embed the tweet on your blog. This will help get your blog more attention or possibly tweets while providing yet another avenue for people to find you.

There are so many benefits of tweeting. Whether you just want to create more interaction with the public or let them know about a new type of training session you’re attending, tweeting is definitely a helpful tool in the world of social media marketing. Try it out. You might even find that it makes things a little more fun.