Are you prepared for mobilegeddon and the new algorithm being released by Google?

The amount of traffic you receive from a mobile search is in jeopardy if your website is not currently mobile friendly. Google has been warning webmasters to change their sites for some time now and on April 21st they will be releasing their new mobile algorithm. Normally, Google doesn’t provide this level of warning, so this is your chance to make any necessary changes to your website now before the new algorithm impacts your ranking in a mobile search. Google has said very clearly that this new algorithm will have a significant impact on mobile search results so don’t be caught unaware.

Here is what you need to do to prepare:

Check each page of your website. Google has announced that this algorithm change will determine if a site is mobile friendly at the page level. This is good news because it allows you to identify which pages receive the most traffic from mobile search and update those first. View the page on several mobile devices and identify anything that is wrong like a button that is hard to touch or a font that is too small to read then make those changes quickly. You can check your site here, on Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Switch to a responsive site. We recommend that if you have a desktop and mobile version of your website, you switch to a responsive design site. In this situation, your site will change how it is displayed based on the screen size it is being viewed from. This allows for a greater flexibility and will ensure that your website always looks good in mobile search results. If you have a standard mobile friendly site, it may only display correctly on a smartphone but not a tablet, etc.

Stay diligent. You should view your entire website from multiple devices, check all of the links, push all of the buttons, etc. This is the time to ensure that your website is running smoothly and that it is easy for a user to navigate if they find you through a mobile search. Continue to check your site on a regular basis while these algorithm changes are hitting. If you have an error in your coding, a broken link, etc. it could negatively impact you and make you a victim of mobilegeddon.

While the pending mobilegeddon has some businesses worried about a drop in ranking, we see it as an opportunity. At DentalSEOSites, all of our web design is responsive already so we know that our clients are prepared. Since much of the competition won’t be, this creates a unique opportunity for our clients to outrank the competition, perform better in a mobile search, and generate more revenue. If you want us to audit or improve your website, give us a call.