LinkedIn is definitely doing its job keeping busy professionals connected. The use of LinkedIn has proven itself as a useful form of social media and now, with the addition of LinkedIn Contacts, makes networking easier than ever. Store all of your contacts, addresses, calendars, and emails in one place. And who isn’t looking to save time all while keeping close to your most important connections?

The new LinkedIn Contacts was announced in April but hasn’t yet been released to all users. Apparently, some are so excited about the new feature that they’re on a waiting list to get in on the action. This new way to hoard your contacts isn’t only an impressive way to collect data, it’s an altogether easier way to manage, share, connect and live.

It’s Even Easier than Filling a Cavity

Since technological advances often require more sweat and tears than you’re willing to invest, LinkedIn has made this outstandingly easy. The new Linkedin Contacts will pull in all of your various mailboxes, calendars and contact lists and suck it all into its vortex of perfected contact management. It’ll even draw in any notes and details you’ve logged along the way. Once all of your data had been imported, check out all of the things you can do!

Manage and Map Contacts

• With features like the ability to remove or hide a contact right from the front page, LinkedIn saves you from having to individually open contacts in order to make changes.

• Traveling out of town and want to meet up with colleagues or other dentists that live where you’re going? It’s easy to find which of your contacts are where with the use of the mapping feature.

Keep Relationship Notes Handy

• Store important information about how you met someone, who introduced you and other “triggers” from your past conversations. It’s helpful to go into connecting with people who you don’t often cross paths with if you have something to rekindle their memory of you.

Stay in Sync

• These days we all have several email addresses (and quite possibly calendars too). It’s nearly horrendous to manage them all separately. If you’re still doing that, it’s time to catch up with the times.

• Sync most any other popular address book, email and calendar to LinkedIn Contacts and you’ll be on your way to only having to check ONE inbox and ONE calendar each day. Now, won’t that be nice? If you use Gmail, Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, it’s easy to import your accounts. Also, the iPhone Address Book is quick to transfer as well.

• Once each day your account will check all of the imported accounts and deliver messages to one place. Ahh.

Never Forget Important Things Again

• With all of the knowledge and expertise that goes into being a dental professional, chances are that you’re pretty focused on what you do and not who’s having a birthday this week. Even still, it’s important to feed relationships and keep yourself up to date on other important things that are going on with your friends, family and professional acquaintances as well.

• Check “Your Day” at the beginning of each day to see what’s going on with others. Wish happy days and congrats to anyone deserving and know that you’ve helped spark a smile. Then you can get on with making your patients smile for the rest of the day instead of worrying about what you may have forgotten.

• Set reminders for yourself for special events, days, etc. You can alert yourself in enough time to send a card, a gift or make time for a phone call or visit.

Perform Searches

• It’s easy to sort your contacts based on various criteria such as what they do, where they work, whom you haven’t connected with in a long time or those you’ve connected with recently. The search capability is much more than just looking for a name.

Share Upcoming Events

• By letting others know where you’ll be, it’s a helpful way to make connections before you get where you’re going. It’s always nice to know who you’ll be running into ahead of time and, if you’re really excited to see someone or know their time will likely be as limited as yours, you just might want to setup a specific meeting that day. Even just ten minutes of time to catch up with someone is enough to keep that relationship going strong.

As if all of this isn’t amazing enough, add the mobile app into your life and you can do all of these things on the go. Saving time is always a positive so that you have more time to focus on what you love to doing – being a dentist (oh yeah, and walking your dog, spending time with your family and friends, going to the movies, a concert…anything except wasting unnecessary time managing your contacts). Also, with all of these new features, it might be a good time to beef up your LinkedIn advertising efforts as well. This is likely to become a new, hot way to manage your business life online.