When designing a new website there are several common mistakes you can avoid in order to improve your organic marketing and ensure that when people find you on a local search, they are more likely to become a patient. A responsive design website plays an important role in online marketing because it allows prospective patients to locate you and to read what you have to say, regardless of the device they are using.

Whether you are paying for ads or focused on organic marketing, you need to be sure that once someone gets to your website, they can easily access the information they need. That way they will schedule an appointment and become a patient, rather than leaving them wanting more information and heading elsewhere.

4 Most Common Mistakes Made Online

1) Stop selling.
Yes, people do need to know what you offer, and there is an element of sales that goes into promoting any service. Still, with dentist services, people know that they need dental care so focus on discussing the solutions you offer and how it can help them, rather than sounding too pitchy.

2) Complete your internal pages.
A lot of dental practices try to rank for certain search terms and services, such as “dental crowns”, and create an internal page to discuss that service. While a good idea, if the page isn’t fully developed and is lacking specific content, this can send a user in search of information elsewhere.

In order to present yourself as knowledgeable and gain business from a specific local search, be sure to provide tangible information that is useful to the reader. We recommend reading through the existing content on your website to ensure that it is sufficient for the internal pages you have in place. By replacing it with developed content, your organic marketing may improve as well.

3) SEO is more than keywords.
This is very important. Some dental practices make the mistake of thinking that if a city or keyword is mentioned on their website, their site is optimized for it. Unfortunately, SEO is far more complicated than that, making it important to work with an SEO expert that can help you to rank in a local search for the keywords that you want to focus on.

4) Your homepage is critical.
If your homepage has a large image and your contact information, but nothing else, it is time to redesign your website. A lot of people won’t go past your homepage so if you don’t have sufficient content up, you could be driving users to a different website. Be sure to provide information on who you are, what you do, and why you are unique. People need to understand why they should call and schedule an appointment with your dental office, without having to dig through your website.

A homepage that conveys essential content will also help to improve your organic marketing and ensure that once found in a local search, users are less likely to leave your website for the dentist down the street.

Keep these 4 tips in mind when developing your website. Teamed up with any online marketing strategy, they can provide higher conversions and a larger return on your investment.