As a dentist you can use LinkedIn to promote your dental practice. LinkedIn is different from other networking sites because it is social media for businesses. On LinkedIn you have the opportunity to highlight your skills and expertise in a more professional setting. You can use LinkedIn marketing to connect with other professionals and new patients, making it an excellent way to grow your practice.

Create Your LinkedIn Company Page

Before you can use LinkedIn marketing to promote your practice, you need to create your company page. This is relatively easy to do and only requires your personal profile to already exist. A study found that 50% of LinkedIn user are more likely to purchase from a company that engages with them on LinkedIn. Since the platform is designed to show the nuts and bolts of your business and who works there, it is easier to build a level of report and trust with prospective patients. LinkedIn results will also show up in an online search.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

Optimize your company page in order to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing. Here are tips to implement right away:

Build your products and services page – This will contain information and details on what services you offer and any specialties you have. Incorporate your industry keywords.

Links – Use your LinkedIn page to link to customer reviews, white papers, industry rewards, and anything else that would give consumers confidence in your abilities.

Relevance – When describing your services try to make them relevant to your audience. For example “Smiles that win business”. Be as creative as you like and have fun with it.

Company Description – Google will read the first 156 characters of your LinkedIn description. Make sure yours makes a statement and incorporates relevant keywords to improve your search rankings.

Contact information – Make sure people know how to find you. Don’t force them to connect with you through LinkedIn. Include your phone number, address, and email.

Connect with your Social Media Profiles

Social media marketing performs best when you connect your profiles together. For example you can have your Twitter account feed into your LinkedIn profile and you can share your blog posts on LinkedIn with a simple sharing button.

Engage LinkedIn Users

Your company can now like and share information on LinkedIn, creating an excellent opportunity to engage with other users. Share blogs and news stories that are important to the community or to your industry. Comment on them and ask other users to do the same. You can also visit your customers pages and share their content. This is an excellent way to encourage referrals back to you.
Targeted Updates

Similar to Google+, you can use targeted updates to determine what groups of people will see your LinkedIn updates. This enables you to send specific information to current patients and more general, or sales like, information to prospects.

Increase Your LinkedIn Followers

There are simple ways to get more LinkedIn followers. Start with your staff. Ask them to follow the company and comment on the items you share on the company page. As they do so, more of their connections will be exposed to your brand. You can also install a LinkedIn button on your website and have your staff put it into their email signature.

Use the 4-1-1 Rule for Effective Content

There is a method to engaging people through social media. You should have four new informative type posts, one re-share of someone else’s content, and one self-serving promotion. Don’t risk coming across as too promotional or pitchy by following this simple rule.

Start your LinkedIn Marketing Campaign Today

This area of social media marketing is highly effective when done correctly. Incorporate it into your social media strategy today.