You’re probably tired of hearing all of the many reasons why you should go organic. At least in this case it’s a whole different type of organic than your kale-munching friends are gabbing about. Yep, this kind of organic is related to your ever-important online reputation.

Different Ways to Push Your Presence

If you haven’t yet become familiar with the different types of online presence, let’s stop right there. You can present yourself in a couple of different ways – Organic or Paid. Paid placement is just what it sounds like. You pay your way into view. If you appear in searches organically, you have earned your stance based on a good reputation and the fact that people like you (and your business more specifically).

Fabulous Facebook Updates

The ever-evolving world of Facebook now boasts some changes to the news feed section. Facebook pronounces that the main function of news feed is to “deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss out on stories that are important to them”. In other words, it’s like a personal CNN of your life. Your specific news feed should be tailored to broadcast those people who are most grand in your life, right?

When anyone logs onto to check the feed, they likely have well over a thousand posts available to review. Let’s be honest, no matter how great your addiction to Facebook, you just don’t have the time to get through all of them. That’s why Facebook wanted to take action. They want you to spend your time on news with substance. And how that substance is defined is up to the user. When they “like” or “hide” something, news feed gets the message, which translates as: show this user more of what they want and less of what they don’t. Sounds simple enough.

Prove You’re Worthy for Their News Feed

Since you want people to be interested in your news and interact with it, you need to focus on keeping it new, interesting and entertaining. Don’t bore people away from your posts. Dream up something fresh and fun before you just start aimlessly posting.

Remember, with the new algorithm in place, if your stories get enough likes and comments, they’ll reappear at the top of the feed again making them freshly visible to those who may have missed it when it originally appeared. This is a huge plus! The more opportunity for exposure, the better!

New Algorithm Means a Fresh Face for Facebook

According to small test studies, the updates encouraged about a 5 to 8 percent more likes, comments and shares on all organic news and posts from friends. The results also showed that stories people missed the first time around were read once they reappeared in the feed as a result of popularity. Advertisers like you should see this as a plus. Post something good that commands interest and it’ll likely show up again and demand even more attention and kudos.

The Importance of Organically Grown News

Gathering likes, comments and shares is probably the single most important thing for you to accomplish in the world of social media. Interaction means popularity and, when it’s done right, you’re bound to get some very valuable advertising without even having to spend a penny. Then, just think, you can spend all of those extra pennies you saved on some organic produce.