Your dental practice can benefit from including Pinterest marketing as part of your overall social media strategy. Pinterest is an image based platform that makes it easy to post, like, and share interesting visual content. The platform is integrated with Facebook, making it easy for people to view Pinterest activity through both social media sites.

Start Using Pinterest Marketing, Here’s How

Share interesting images that stand out. In order to capture people’s attention, you need to post something creative or original. As a dental practice, you can take pictures of your patient’s beautiful smiles, artistic shots of your dental office or equipment, and images of health tips. For example, have your staff write a daily dental tip on a chalkboard, snap a photo, and upload it.

Use SlideShare. This is an online presentation tool that allows you to share information in a visually appealing way. If you are blogging, that same information and tips can be transferred into a SlideShare format that is more interactive. Upload it to Pinterest by clicking the “Add from website” option and pasting in the URL. It will start playing when people click on it, without requiring them to leave the social media site. Make sure you provide links back to your website so that people can contact you.

Team up with other dentists. You can increase your social media reach by partnering with other dentists or medical professionals. Make a casual agreement to share each other’s posts to expand your overall audience. This works especially well when cross promoting services with other specialists. For example, if you are a general dentist you may want to tie up with an oral surgeon and a local family doctor.

Share videos. If you have any how to videos, an introductory video on your website, or a patient greeting, upload it to YouTube and to Pinterest. This is an easy way to promote your videos and will increase the number of views that you receive. Pinterest marketing is great for still images, videos, Infographics, and SlideShares. You can also tie it into your content marketing by making an image of a key quote or tip and posting it with a link back to your blog.

When creating your Pinterest account make sure you tie it into your Facebook profile so that your current social media fans can see what you are doing on this platform as well. The more interesting and engaging your images or videos are, the more likely they will be shared, increasing the benefit you get from Pinterest marketing.