In a busy world where patients are waiting, you need to speak with your staff, and appointments must be kept, it can be hard to find the time to write a blog post. Blogging is important for building your presence online because it allows you to convey valuable information, use key words, and improve your organic marketing. The challenge for most dentists is finding the time to sit down at the computer and write a blog post, until now.

Blogging from your mobile device is now a viable option that will make your life much easier. All you need is a smartphone,and you can start publishing blog posts in between patients. Short blog posts are a great way to keep fresh content on your site and can easily be augmented with longer, more informative pieces when you have the time. Short, quick blog posts are also ideal for your mobile marketing efforts where people are looking to read short bursts of information or look at media.
How to start blogging from your mobile phone

You can use a third party app, like Evernote, or you can post directly to your blog. If you are using WordPress,they have an app you can download that makes it easy to publish from your smartphone. Simply open your app and write your post. Editing can be tricky so stick with shorter, less complicated blog posts.

Using Email to Blog While Mobile

The easiest way to post is to use your email. WordPress, Blogger, and other platforms will give you a unique email address you can use to post directly to your blog.

1. Type the title of your blog post in the subject line.

2. Write the content of your post in the body of the email.

3. Insert a picture you have taken from your phone directly into the email.

4. Hit send,and your blog post will be published.

This is by far the fastest and easiest way to blog on a regular basis. You can improve your organic marketing with only five minutes a day using this strategy.

Video and Images for Mobile Marketing

People use their mobile phone to get information on the go. Use video and images to capture their attention. Since you can email a photo directly to your blog, there is no reason to post without one. The easiest way to place a video on your blog is to upload a video to your YouTube account (this is a standard option on the iPhone) and once you have the video URL, paste it into your blog editor. You will want to use the WordPress app for this. While it may take a few minutes to upload, video is an excellent tool for improving your mobile marketing as smartphone users are likely to hit the play button and share good content with friends.

Blogging Regularly Improves your Organic Marketing

When you blog on a regular basis,you have the ability to convey valuable information, using keywords that will help you come up in an organic search. Blog regularly and often and don’t forget to use pictures and video to improve your mobile marketing. An imperfect video or image is better than none at all.