There are times when it’s actually beneficial to be a showoff. Since you’re likely not playing pro basketball and may not be competing regularly in triathlons – there are other ways for you to get your glory. One of those ways is to show others what you’re “into” online. What do you like to read? What types of things, people, and places do you follow? It might seem silly, but people will appreciate your desire to share and willingness to allow them into your brain a bit. Social media is a good way to tell your story and prove you’re human. People like to feel like they really know you and twitter marketing is a great way to let them in.

Go on, admit it, people look up to you. You’re a dentist! That not only takes a lot of dedication and ambition, it also takes a heck of a lot of smarts. But what makes a great dentist even better is their ability to be a true people person and really relate with their patients.

It’s tough to figure out what types of topics to tweet about everyday. Building a strong following for yourself is as easy as hitting on the interesting, current things that are on the minds of most people. Aim to give people a good picture of the real you and you’ll prove yourself an even more desirable dentist.

While your main goal should be to produce creative, enlightening, up-to-the-minute topics, here are some other very important things to focus on:

Figure Out Your Followers

• Take some time to check out who’s following you. If you’re able to dig into their interests and social circles a bit, you’re likely to figure out how to keep their interest.

• Invite followers to ask you questions and post the answers.

• Since you’re a dentist (or work for a dental office) your main topic is obviously related to dentistry. But make sure not to limit yourself too closely. Talk about topics that interest you. Discuss things that you don’t directly handle, but know to have an impact on oral health. The possibilities are endless really. It’s important to talk about things that other dentists don’t. Be unique.

Formula for Choosing Catchy Topics

• Thankfully there are tools online to help you find topics that might work well for you and your following. A few worth checking out are:

o Feedly ( This tool will help you find articles that relate to your world. Since it also integrates with Google+ and many other online tools, which makes your life easier.

o Fever ( If you need help staying on top of the latest “hot” topics (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need help here) Fever can help. Basically, this content feed reader ranks leading links and shares. But the best part about Fever is that it only ranks within your network. This pinpoints what’s popular amongst your friends and followers and not the entire, huge, world. This tool does take some time and know-how to get going, but it might be worth your while to look into.

o Prismatic ( With a promise to help you “discover new content to share”; Prismatic assists you in finding blogs that are worth your while. Since there are countless blogs out there that definitely aren’t always helpful (and not really even hopeful) pulling the good ones out of the weeds takes precious time. Using Prismatic will help you keep your content new and stimulating without sucking too much time from your calendar. By sharing your social media information and favorite blogs, topics, etc, Prismatic is like your own little robot roaming a library full of knowledge and only showing you what you’ll probably want to share with your followers.

Remember What Works and Do It Again

Just as important as choosing the right things to write about is keeping track of what engages your followers and what doesn’t even get a nod. Obviously, nix the content that isn’t getting a response and incorporate more topics that relate with the ones that get some kudos and comments.

Don’t worry, there are tools to help you keep track of clicks, retweets and favorites so you don’t have to do it all on your own. A few popular management tools are TweetDeck, SproutSocial and HootSuite.

Be Yourself and Have Some Fun

Social media shouldn’t be a daunting task. It might feel like just another thing to manage at times but it is really worth the effort. If you focus more on enjoying it and your tweets being fun rather than daunting, you might realize that your content is better as well. It always shows when people don’t love what they do and it really shows when you do. Put some personality and emotion into your posts and you’re bound to get more reaction from followers.