You can now use paid search to tell the public about awards and accolades your dental practice has received. Google has rolled out review extensions within Google ads. Your awards and reviews can now be featured within your paid search campaign. This is different from traditional consumer reviews. The online reviews featured within Google ads need to be from a reputable third party.

Active PPC management will increase the ROI of your Google AdWords campaign. Including this new feature can help you to acquire additional patients.

Using Reviews to Promote Your Dental Practice

Better Business Bureau – Are you a member of the BBB with a high rating or special award? Feature your rating within your AdWords campaign so consumers can view you as a trusted resource.

Best Dentist In Your City – Many local magazines and newspapers will publish a “Best” list that includes local dentists and doctors. If you have received one of these awards, feature it within your ad campaign. Awards like these add credibility within your local community. Including them in an ad that displays when someone does a local search, will increase your chances of gaining a new patient.

Industry Accolades – If you have received an industry award, or your practice was acknowledged, you can highlight this recognition in your paid search campaign.

Magazines and Review Sites – If a magazine or review site has rated you as #1 in the industry, the review extension will let you feature it and reference the site that gave it to you. By referencing the source, your online reviews are perceived to be more credible.

How to Include Reviews in Your Adwords Campaigns

• Log in to your Adwords account.

• Click the “Review Extensions” option under the Ad Extensions tab.

• Paraphrase the award or use the exact quote from the publication.

• Type in the text you want displayed.

• Identify the source.

• Past in the source URL.

You can decide whether you want the review to run for a specific ad campaign or in a group of ads. Evaluate your PPC management strategy to determine where it will have the greatest impact. For example if your dental practice is in multiple counties, and you have received various local awards, you should run a specific ad campaign for each local area. The award you received should match the area your campaign is running in. One thing to note is that you can include the review extension along with other Ad extensions, except for offers. You will have to run a different paid search campaign for your promotional offers.

Promote the fact that you are local, care about your patients, and the community has awarded you for your efforts. When you combine third party online reviews and endorsements with local patient reviews, your dental practice will stand out and you will have additional opportunities to engage new patients. Your PPC management strategy has a small window in which to make an impact. Use third party reviews to rise above the competition in your local area.