As a dentist, it is important to implement SEO best practices so that you can rise above the competition and capture more local market share. This starts by implementing a solid web development strategy and comprehensive Google marketing effort. Keep in mind that everything you do needs to be focused around creating a positive user experience. With online marketing, it isn’t about your practice. It is about the user and making it easy for them to interact with your practice online. This will help you to create lasting relationships and turn online users into actual patients.

SEO Best Practices You Should Implement

Create a path. When a user visits your website, there needs to be a path that they can easily follow to get the information they need and to take action or schedule an appointment. When working on your web development, think about the keywords that users will use to search for something and the direction you want them to go. For example, if someone is looking for information on how to restore a tooth they may start by clicking on a services tab, read about cosmetic dentistry and select dental implants from the information provided on that page. Once on the dental implants page they will need the opportunity to schedule an appointment. This is just one example of how creating a path, and developing personas is important for increasing your conversions.

Make a list of high-value keywords. Have Google analytics installed on your website so that you can see the keywords that people search for in order to find your site. That combined with Google analytics and what you want to be known for can help you to compile a list of high-value keywords.

Audit your site. Have a professional conduct a technical audit of your website to make sure that the site structure makes sense, all of the links are working, and it is easy to navigate. You should also conduct a content audit to make sure that every page and image is optimized for SEO. Ask your developer to include an SEO plugin in your web development process so that you can easily see which pages are optimized and which ones are not. Improving your onsite content will also help with your search engine marketing efforts.

It is a good idea to ask patients, your office staff, and friends to review your website as if they were seeing it for the first time. Ask if it gives them the information they want to know if they were able to access it easily, without searching too hard for it. It can be difficult to analyze your own site so hiring a professional like Dental SEO Sites can help you to improve your site and make sure that it is optimized for an exceptional user experience. The easier you make it for users to find the information they need, connect with your practice, and feel confident in your abilities – the greater your overall conversion rate will be.