Facebook marketing can generate leads and convert prospective patients into booked appointments. The key is to run your ads correctly so that you maximize your ad spend, making the most of every dollar.

Facebook does a great job of spending your money, so making sure that it’s spent correctly will make the difference between a successful or mediocre campaign.

Before Increasing Your Facebook Ad Budget

Test. Test. Test again. If you really want a well-performing ad, you need to test different variations of it. We recommend using several images and running small tests to see which image increases your clicks or conversions. The same applies to the text within the ads. See what is working and refocus your efforts to promote whatever has the best conversion ratio.

Upload your email list. If you have an email or phone list for patients and have had difficulty getting them to like your Facebook page, you can set up an ad to target them. Facebook allows you to upload your contact list and will then display your ad for those people to see. This is an excellent way to connect with your existing patients on social media, since when they see your name in their newsfeed, they are more likely to look at your ad, given their familiarity with your brand.

Adjust based on device. When planning your Facebook marketing efforts, you should optimize ads for mobile and desktop differently. Consumer behaviors are different with each device so running only one ad set is unwise.

Use a Call to Action. A CTA can help to increase your conversions and Facebook now provides several options that include: Book Now, Download, Shop Now, and Learn More. You can try out different CTAs and measure the success of each until you find the one that generates the most clicks.

Create ad sets. Consider what your patients are interested in and group those keywords into categories. For example, parents may be looking for a “family dentist”, “pediatric dentist” or “kids dentist” – this can be one ad set. On the other hand, someone may be interested in a “smile makeover”, “cosmetic dentist” and “dental implants” for a second ad set. This way you can allocate funds towards each segment of the population you are trying to reach and compare how each set is performing against each other.

Market to different customer groups. You can target your Facebook ads to only reach certain users. For example, you can target middle-aged women living in Los Angeles. This is another excellent way to test your ads and see how they perform from one group to another, and then make changes accordingly.

Use location targeting. This is a big one, but many dentists will run a social media ad without setting the location for their local area. While a simple mistake, if you own a dental practice in LA, you don’t want to pay for your ad to be viewed in Chicago.

Weigh the economics. You can set your ads to run in different ways. For example, you can pay per click, per impression or per conversion. Compare which type generates the highest volume, conversions and is the most economical. While a simple test, it can save you money on your social media campaign.

Facebook marketing, along with any social media marketing, can deliver amazing results but as with all forms of marketing, it is important to test and compare ads and strategies to see what is the most successful. Continue to test your Facebook ads until you have found the perfect combination of image, text, call to action, and bid type.