Social media marketing is an excellent way to promote your business and grow your practice. Content marketing enables you to deliver a powerful message to a target audience. By using a variety of proven tactics you can increase the success of your small business.

Organic Social Media Marketing Tips

Use Images on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms
People are very visual. Social media marketing is no different. By adding images to your Facebook postings you will increase fan engagement. You can use images to enhance your content marketing by taking a photo and inserting your text into it. For example you could post “we are giving away a free stuffed animal to every youth patient this month” or you could type that onto an image of a child with a stuffed animal. Images have a higher likelihood of being shared.

On a weekly basis post a funny picture. You will be surprised how many people will comment on strange cat photos or jokes with images. The goal is to post things that people will comment on and share. You can embed a link into photos or use Photoshop to place the URL of your website on the photo itself. This way if you post something funny, that goes viral, people will be directed back to your website. You can use this technique to type a message directly onto photos you post on Pinterest, your blog, and more.

Go Where Your Patients Are
Organic marketing works best when you participate in the social media platforms that your patients are frequently using. You need to use content marketing to post information that is relevant to your audience in a place they are likely to use it. This is why Facebook is so essential for a dental practice. People of all ages are using it and building a local community connect with current and prospective patients.

Google+ provides an excellent opportunity for leveraging the power of local search with social media marketing. By creating a Google+ page, and asking current patients to review your practice, you can secure online referrals. This social media platform is used by anyone with a gmail account, making its reach fairly large.
Other platforms to consider are Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Become a Person of Influence
You can use content marketing to become a person of influence within your community. This requires you to share the knowledge you have gained with the community in general. For example if you have tips, tricks, or techniques that make a patient’s visit more comfortable share them with other professionals through your blog or LinkedIn. Tweet links to industry articles that are of value and direct people to news, whitepapers, and other information sources. The more you share your knowledge the faster you will become a person of influence.

This is an excellent organic marketing tactic for reaching new patients. Write blogs and Facebook posts that give patients tips for improving their oral health. This can be basic things like how to whiten teeth naturally or reduce tooth sensitivity. By giving out free advice you position yourself as a knowledge expert that can be trusted. The goal is to become the source people go to when they need information. This also increases the likelihood of your posts being shared with others.

Use these social media marketing tips to make your small business more successful today.