As a dentist, there are easy ways to energize your social media efforts so that you can engage more patients. This will grow your practice and gain patient referrals. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, don’t worry – most dentists don’t. Fortunately, these social media tips are so easy that you or your office manager can implement them in between patients. As a result, your organic marketing results will improve.

Write a value proposition. Update your cover image to include your value proposition so that users immediately know what you are about and how you can help them. For example, “healthy smiles for the entire family”. This will increase the likelihood of someone liking or following your Facebook page when they come across it.

Create a call-to-action. Content marketing is just as important in social media as it is for your website. Write content that inspires people to act, for example, “click here to read more”. While simple, this tip will increase how many clicks you get.

Build fans organically. It is okay if your Facebook fan page grows steadily over time. This is far better than purchasing a block of fake fans that don’t live near you and could never use your dental services. The power of organic marketing and social media is the ability to expose your practice to those that live within your local area. Focus on the objective, even if it is one fan at a time.

Create awesome blog posts. You should include blog writing in your content marketing strategy since it gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge, answer questions and provide information for prospective patients. The more often you blog, the higher your chances are for being viewed as a knowledge leader in the community. Through social media, you can posts your blogs and encourage users to read and comment. You can further tie it into your social media by telling people to ask any questions they have that weren’t answered by the blog post. This can increase your user engagement.

Keep it interesting. Use a variety of post types in order to keep it interesting for your followers. For example, post a video then a picture and a text post. You should also vary the type of content while always staying relevant to your business or community. As an added benefit, you can review your social media analytics to see what type of posts gets the best reaction from users. This will help you to cultivate a more effective organic marketing strategy.

Use interesting images. There are a variety of free apps that you can download to edit images. If you want to impose a text onto a photo and aren’t sure how, pull out your smartphone. Most of these will let you take a picture, impose text and post directly to Facebook. PicCollage is an easy one to use and completely free.

For more information on how to improve your content marketing or social media, call and speak with a Dental SEO Sites representative.