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Facebook is the leading social media site with over 1.3 billion users. People throughout the world use Facebook to connect with friends, brands, and to gather information, making Facebook marketing essential for any business. If you want to increase your customer base, increase brand awareness, and interact with more fans, Facebook marketing is the ideal way to do so.

Dental SEO Sites brings you up to date information on how to maximize your Facebook marketing efforts in order to drive results, engagement, and revenue. As a local dental practice, you can specifically interact with local users that can become your patients. Our social media blogs will show you how to make each post count so that you get the maximum shares and engagement for your efforts. We will also show you how to expand your local Facebook network and increase your overall reach. The information we provide here is based on statistical data, years of experience, and creative solutions that work.Read More

Facebook marketing is integral for building an online brand. Your website is important for SEO, providing information and obtaining new patients. Social media takes online marketing to a whole new level because it allows you to engage with people online, instead of simply delivering information. You can answer patient questions, provide tips, advice and solutions. You can become a go to source of information through social media. It also allows you to show your personal side. Some people are fearful of going to the dentist. You can combat this by uploading fun pictures of you and your staff, posting quotes, and information on community events and activities. Show the personality and character of your staff so that you stop being a “dentist office” and start being part of their local community. This will create a sense of loyalty and connectivity between local patients and your dental practice.

Create Content that Captivates Your Clients

Create Content that Captivates Your Clients

on March 18th, 2015   ·   Blog, Social Media Marketing   ·   

"Content is king." With the advent of social media, even 140 characters of content can be a royal source of high-quality interaction. It's timely, captivating, shareable content. Publishing content is only the first step. The real test of content effectiveness is whether people respond.