Information About Local SEO

Local SEO enables prospective patients to find your dental practice when doing a local search. This is a powerful and important marketing tactic for your practice. You could have a well-built website but if it is not optimized for a local search you may never come up when someone is looking for a new dentist in their area. Your site must be optimized for Local SEO in order for you to connect with people that live or work in the area that your practice is located. Our Local SEO blog posts will show you how to accomplish this.

We are the Local SEO experts and provide you with time tested strategies, ideas, and solutions for helping your dentist practice come up faster in a local search. If you are in the top four search results, you have a better chance of someone clicking through to your website. There are multiple ways to improve your Local SEO including being listed on local directories, enhancing the content on your website, blogging, using social media, and obtaining customer reviews. We analyze each one of these factors to show you how to use them to your advantage. By using our tips for improving your overall online marketing, you can also improve your Local SEO.Read More

If you want to grow your practice, Local SEO cannot be ignored. You have to incorporate these best practices into your online marketing in order to ensure that your practice will be seen by local families that need to see a dentist. Mobile marketing is also an important aspect of being found on local search as there is further integration opportunities with the Google maps application, and mobile users are far more likely to make an immediate decision to book an appointment. We show you how to tie it all together so that you can grow your practice more efficiently.