Information About Online Reviews

Online reviews are essential for building online credibility and growing your practice. The majority of consumers use reviews to help them make a buying decision. Reviews are read by people of all ages and we can show you how to get more of them. Online reviews are an extremely powerful tool because they can help to solidify a prospective patient’s decision to book an appointment. They also have direct SEO benefit.

Trying to get patient reviews can seem like a daunting practice. If you haven’t gotten online reviews before it can be difficult to know where to start. Dental SEO Sites helps clients to improve their overall online marketing strategy, including generating reviews. We do this every day and are experts at it. Our online reviews blogs show you how to take some of our best practices and implement them on your own. We discuss statistics, new sites, and how to incorporate reviews into your social media marketing strategy. Our online reviews blogs are written in a way that is easy to understand and follow so that you and your staff can start generating customer reviews quickly.Read More

Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool because when a patient tells a friend about your dental practice they are giving a glowing recommendation which in turn tells whoever is listening that they can trust you to provide the dentist services they need. In that conversation, your happy patient is also able to answer their friend’s questions, provide advice, and help them to be more at ease with the decision. Word of mouth advertising has existed since man first told another man where to find water. Now, this same philosophy has moved online. Online reviews are the modern word of mouth and extremely powerful. As a dental practice, it is important to remember that every time you get a positive online review that review will stay up. Your patient doesn’t need to continually talk about you because their words can be read over and over again. Any time you spend generating online reviews will help your dental practice for years to come. Read our online reviews blogs to learn how.