If you are looking for additional ways to engage your Facebook fans consider running an online promotion or contest. This is an excellent way to get your fans excited to visit your website and pay attention to what you are posting. Social media is all about consumer engagement, getting people to interact with you online. When your interactions need a boost an online promotion can increase your fan participation.

Facebook marketing allows for dental practices to run their own individual promotions or to work with a third party. A third party has more flexibility in that they can collect data and require people to like your page. If you run your own contest, it should be used to get your fans excited about your page and paying attention to what you have to say. Once someone enters your contest they will visit the page regularly to stay up to date and find out who wins.

Facebook Online Promotion Rules

1. Release Facebook from all liability – Your contest rules need to state that the contest is in no way associated with Facebook and that you release them from all liability.

2. Follow local rules and guidelines – If your state has specific rules governing contests, it is your responsibility to follow them.

3. Create official rules for the contest – Your social media contest needs to have written rules for what the contest is, what you are giving away, and how you will select the winner. Post them in a visible place by creating a page, putting them on your website, or in a public folder. Place a link within your online promotion material, so they are easily accessed and read by people that enter.

4. No required tagging or post sharing – You can ask people to engage in activities within your Facebook page. For example, they can comment on photos, answer questions, and like posts. You cannot require them to take that activity off of your page by forcing them to share your posts or tag themselves in pictures they aren’t in.

5. Selecting a Winner – Determine how you will select a winner in advance. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have people upload a picture and see how many likes they get. This will also incentive your fans to ask their friends to visit your page and vote for you, giving you additional exposure. If you ask trivia questions, people can edit their answers at any time so keep that in mind.

6. The prize – Decide what prize you want to give away. The greater the prize, the more people will pay attention to the process, and the more frequently they will visit your page in anticipation of the winner being selected. If you aren’t sure what to give away, ask your patients. You can also ask a question with multiple answers on your Facebook page and let your existing fans vote on the type of prize they would want to get. Just make sure you do this before running the online promotion.

7. Watch for Cheaters – Some people will try to scam the system by creating fake profiles to vote for themselves. Watch out for this and pay attention to complaints on your Facebook page. Other fans are often the best at spotting cheaters and will be more than happy to warn you about it. Deal with it quickly and publicly to show your fans that you take the contest seriously.

You can increase your fan base and social media engagement by running an online promotion through your Facebook marketing campaign. Your existing patients and Facebook fans will have fun and start talking about you. Use this opportunity to post daily updates and encourage people to schedule an appointment.