Back to school is the second largest retail event of the year and your paid search campaign should be adjusted accordingly. Research shows that in 2013, $72.5 billion was spent on kids going back to school and back to college. While some of the spending patterns are obvious with school supplies and clothing taking the number one and number two spot, money is also spent on electronics, banking, and taking care of medical needs. This is especially true for parents that are sending their children off to college in the fall. Capitalize on these trends now by enhancing your Google marketing and content marketing efforts.

How is Your Back to School Marketing?

The season officially starts in June with 23.9 percent of people starting their back to school spending two months before school starts. These percentages increase with 49 percent shopping a month before school starts and 21.8 percent waiting until the week before.

As a dentist, it is important to start marketing your back to school services immediately. You can run a campaign that focuses around the importance of sending kids back to school with a set of healthy teeth. Many parents will welcome the reminder and opportunity to get the appointment out of the way prior to the end of summer rush.

You can create a comprehensive campaign that involves paid search, Google marketing, content marketing and social media. First, start with a good web design. Your website should be responsive and adjust based on the type of device that someone is using. This way, prospective patients can read information and schedule appointments from their smartphone. Include buttons like “click to call” and “click for directions” to make it as easy as possible. When you run a paid search campaign tie it in with your Google marketing by making sure that your office is listed with Google’s free local business listings and that your Google+ profile is complete. When someone types in a search they will have the opportunity to see your listing through paid search advertising and organic advertising, as your information will show up next to a local map.

You Could Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is also an excellent tool for engaging parents. Write a few blog posts about the importance of keeping a child in good oral health. You can provide tips for at-home care along with reasons why visiting the dentist is so important. Post your blog on social media with a reminder to schedule a back to school teeth cleaning. You can also run a special promotion such as discounted teeth whitening which will appeal to high school and college students.

You Could Use Social Media

As young patients come in for their teeth cleaning ask the parents if it is okay to snap a photo and use it in a social media campaign. Once you have permission to do so, you can show the glowing smiles of your real patients online, encouraging other parents to bring their kids in as well. You can make it fun by tying it into Google marketing and asking people on your Google+ and Facebook pages to vote for their favorite smile. Give the winner and prize and recognition on your website or social media pages. Use this year’s back to school season to grow your patient base and have fun at the same time!