LinkedIn has continued to evolve and become much more than an online business card. This social media networking site allows you to promote yourself, provide information to the general public, and to connect with people throughout the world. It is the equivalent of attending a thousand networking events at once with the added advantage of being able to know everyone’s name, where they work, and what they specialize in before ever speaking with them. Simultaneously, the site allows current and future patients to learn more about you, in order make an educated decision about which dentist to call. LinkedIn marketing should be part of every dentist’s online branding strategy.

LinkedIn’s Improved Marketing Features

See who viewed your profile. You can use this tool to create networking opportunities. After seeing who viewed your profile, you can invite them to connect or send them a message, creating opportunities to acquire new patients. It also provides valuable analytical data because you can view the keywords people used to find you and where they are in the country.

Learn how you rank among your peers. You can see how well you are performing when compared with other dentists in your area. This is done by comparing your profile views, which will show you how influential you are. This tool can also help you to track the success of your posts, blog updates, and group participation to determine which activities are the most useful for getting people to view your profile.

Background images. This is currently available for people with a premium profile and can help you to stand out from the crowd. Those with other social media profiles like Facebook, Google+, and YouTube should already be familiar with creating creative channel art, and this will provide a similar opportunity.

LinkedIn app. The iPhone app does more than make it easy to stay connected. LinkedIn has found that people who use it increase their profile views by around six times. This is significant as the goal of LinkedIn marketing is to connect with potential clients and other professionals. The app itself makes it easy to do things like congratulate people on recent promotions or their anniversary.

Content marketing. LinkedIn is rolling out a publishing platform to users, which makes it possible to publish blog posts in addition to status updates. This is a valuable tool that can help you to become an online influencer. This should be done in combination with your current content marketing strategy. For example, you can write a blog post, publish it, promote it via your social media networks and include a portion of the post, or an expanded portion, on LinkedIn. This can be used to increase the amount of profile views you get and to promote yourself as an industry expert.

Social media is a fantastic way to build and promote your brand. Be sure to include LinkedIn marketing so that you can benefit from the exposure to the millions of people that rely on LinkedIn to make connections and find information on people they want to work with.