Social media is an excellent way to reach consumers and build a loyal patient following. Facebook marketing has been front and center as the social media platform has millions of users that are active every day. Paid placement advertising on Facebook can lead people to your website to book appointments or directly to your Facebook fan page. Creative ads that incorporate compelling content and photos are often the most effective.

The challenge with Facebook marketing has been an overly complicated list of advertising options. Rather than having several core products Facebook has 27 advertising options. This can be confusing and make running a Facebook marketing campaign more trouble than it’s worth for many small business owners or dental practices. After hearing consumer complaints about how complicated their paid placement advertising options are they have announced changes to streamline the process.

Facebook Advertising Changes

Consistent Ads – Facebook ads will now have a more consistent visual appearance throughout the entire social media platform. This will make it easier for marketers and consumers to identify their ads.

Sponsored Stories – Social context will be added to all advertisements. Citing research done by Nielson, Datalogix, and comScore Facebook knows that social context increases the effectiveness of ads. Currently marketers have to pay for the ad and social stories. People are in effect paying more in order to improve their results. This change will save markers money while increasing the effectiveness of their paid placement ads.

Remove Redundancies – With so many options to choose from marketers could select multiple advertising solutions to accomplish the same goal. This has caused confusion and Facebook will be removing redundancies from their offerings, eliminating half of their current options.

These changes will make social media marketing easier and more effective. Paid Placement Facebook marketing ads can be incorporated into your overall online marketing and SEO strategy to reach more local consumers and increase the number of patients using your practice. Make sure that your Facebook profile and fan page is complete prior to launching a campaign. You will also want to be listed in the directory so you can come up in a local search. The team at DentalSEOSites can work with you to ensure that your practice is front and center on a Facebook local search with advertisements that deliver ROI.