Patients searching locally for dental services are more likely to call in to ask questions or make an appointment. In fact, a recent survey done by Google working with Ipsos Research states they are 73% more likely to call a business directly from a search. That is if the ad or website includes a click to call button or even a phone number.

If you take a minute to think about the reasons why you may call a business for yourself, the data from the survey seems pretty obvious. Below are a list of reasons why a person who finds a business through local search may want to call in to speak with someone directly.

Reasons Searchers Call Local Businesses

• Get answers quickly or make an appointment.

• To speak with a real human being.

• To get something not available on the website.

• Simply for the convenience.

• To ask for a discount.

For a dentist there are many reasons why a patient may want to call in, including a service or product inquiry, to check availability or hours and to speak with a professional. This means with many local searches coming from mobile devices, the need for click to call buttons and clearly placed phone numbers is very important for dentists.

Paid Placement and Organic Mobile Users

It’s no joke that local search is being dominated by mobile users, this goes for both paid placement and organic searches. With almost half of those mobile searchers saying they would look toward competitors if they could not find a phone number quickly, that’s no laughing matter.

You could be getting more out of your Google ads or your organic placement by offering an easy way for searchers to contact you, especially from mobile devices.

Google Adwords Ads – Add a click to call button or “ad extension” to your ad that allows searchers to call directly from the advertisement.

Organic Website Visitors – Make sure your website’s phone number is clear and visible to mobile users, allowing them to click the phone number to call.

Taking your mobile marketing a step further you could implement these tips to allow for a more pleasant mobile experience. Be sure to keep in mind the option of redesigning your entire website along with your online marketing campaigns to be geared toward mobile users in the future. With mobile growth showing no signs of stopping and more functionality becoming available to help users on mobile devices, ignoring the mobile movement could allow your competition to get ahead of you.