Instagram marketing is the next big thing and can help your dental office connect with new patients. Social media has exploded into the lives of most consumers. It is difficult to find someone without a Facebook or Twitter account and these platforms are still having to compete for the top social media spot. Dental practices have had great success with Facebook marketing as it gives people the opportunity to connect with users and build an attentive fan base.

In order to stay relevant in the social media world, it is important to expand your marketing efforts. Instagram marketing is gaining in popularity as the platform has over 150 million users. Facebook acquired the company and the two platforms have integrated beautifully. Research completed by L2 Think Tank found that Instagram has 15 percent higher engagement than on Google or Twitter. This creates an excellent opportunity for businesses, including your dental practice.

Coach, as an example, started an Instagram campaign using the hashtag #CoachFromAbove. They asked users to take a picture of their coach shoes and share it with the world. That campaign was a huge success that resulted in the conversion rate increase of 5-7% and a 2% increase in order size.

Dentists can use these same ideas to encourage patients to take and share images. Use a hashtag to identify the photos. This can be your name or something creative like #ILoveMySmile.

Instagram Marketing Ideas for Dentists

Promote Invisalign – Ask patients to take pictures before they start the process and during it as their teeth get straighter. They can have fun sharing their improved smile with the world.

Teeth Whitening – Start a teeth whitening campaign and see how many smiles you can brighten. Patients can take pictures of themselves going out and with their new bright white smile on full display.

Kid Shots – Make visiting the dentist more fun for kids by having a social media contest. Ask mom or dad to post a photo of them in the dentist chair using a campaign hashtag and give the child a small prize.

Instagram Ads – Instagram is rolling out an advertising program. The results were positive so far with Macy’s boosting followers by 15% and Michael Kors gaining 34,000 followers in 18 hours. While these are huge brands,there is value for smaller companies looking to increase their social media marketing,as well.

It is important to have a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that works across several platforms. Trends are constantly changing and which social media site people love the most changes with it. Instagram marketing is only going to get bigger and needs to be part of your Facebook marketing strategy since the two platforms are integrated. Hashtags are an excellent way to organize data across multiple platforms and track user engagement. Start by asking your staff and patients to participate then watch and additional followers and future patients start to become fans.