You have a successful company, a freshly designed website, social media profiles, and Local SEO – now what? People are exposed to information about you. They understand what you are all about and are using your services. Since your company has a large online presence they will also start talking about you. That’s good. That’s exactly what you want… well sort of. What you really want is for people to speak positively about you. The challenge become in tracking what they are saying and where since people can sound off on so many different websites, blogs, and forums.

Online reputation management is essential for making sure that your company’s reputation is enhanced by your online presence. Online reputation management software tracks where your company name appears on the internet and what people are saying. It can track your social media and online reviews to see the specific feedback people are giving and provide you with the opportunity to respond.

Comments on the internet can go viral and become “fact” before you even realize it. This makes online reputation management essential for most companies. If there is positive feedback out there you can build upon it and run campaigns directed at giving customers what they say the love. If people are speaking negatively you can respond, issue press releases, correct internal problems and manage the complaints. Negative press and comments only become a PR nightmare if they are left unattended and unmanaged.

It is nearly impossible for an internal employee to catch everything that is said about you online. There are too many places to look, too many sites to monitor. Online reputation management software is the solution for ensuring that your brand is protected. You can get a report on a regular basis with the content that is out there and make plans to address it accordingly.

Previously it was a lot easier to track public opinion and what was being said about you. News stories in the local paper were easy to read. Simply pick it up and flip through the pages. If you weren’t mentioned than you could move on. This is no longer the case. Anyone can tweet about you, post a comment on Facebook , or write a review. New sites, tweets, and posts pop up every day so online reputation management software is essential for modern day PR management.

This software can also help you get more ideas for product development, where to advertise, what consumer groups are using your product, and how to grow your brand. By following the chatter about your brand online you will have a better understanding of the consumers that are using your products – giving you the information needed to make important business decisions and protect your brand.