Increasing the traffic to your website is the first step in securing more customers and growing revenue through online sales and customer acquisition. Once people are on your website you have a chance to secure a new customer. The challenge is that many people go to sites while doing research but may not be ready to purchase at that time. They may or may not remember to come back to your company when they are ready to buy.

Google Remarketing can help you secure new customers even after they leave your website. It is a way to keep your brand front and center while consumers surf the net.

How Google Remarketing Works

  • Remarketing Tags – These remarketer codes are placed on the bottom of every page on your website. It tracks who visits your website.
  • Lists – Google Adwords will keep a list of who visited each one of your site pages. By tracking who goes to each page you can narrow down your list based on interest, creating specific remarketer lists.
  • Cookie ID’s – People are tracked by their cookie id which helps you to find them later.
  • Adwords Marketing – Google Remarketing lets you place specific ads in front of people that are on your remarketing list. For example if someone visited your page for selling new snowboards you can market to them with ads for new boarding gear while they surf other websites.
  • Google Display Network – Before getting started you need to sign up to participate in the Google Display Network. This is a group of over a million sites that allow Google ads to be displayed while people viewing their site.
  • Geo-targeting – You can customize your remarketing campaign based on geographic location to solicit local customers.
  • Format – All ad formats are supported through remarketing with graphic rich ads being essential to success. Since the ad comes up after someone has left your site you want them to recognize your company and/or products by the ad.

Here’s a real life example: I was researching family vacations the other day and happened upon the Disney World site. Later, while reading the news, an ad for Disney vacations popped up on my screen. This is an example of remarketing. If I had been researching one evening and making a decision between Disney and a cruise the next day, I may have been inclined to select Disney because the remarketing ad reminded me of their specials.

In a day where online competition is fierce, Google Remarketing can help you stand out from the competition. It keeps your company logo, brand, and products in front of consumers long after they have left your site. While they may be looking at competing brands, your image will continue to stay front and center so long as you are purchasing ads to display to your remarketing list through Google Adwords. This can work in tandem with Local SEO as you specify the geographic boundaries of prospects you want to reach.