When doing things online such as running a business or even simply managing your own blog, it’s necessary to have a good content management system (CMS). In order to choose the best CMS for you, there are many things to consider. The top two concerns for most are cost and ease of use.

Though there are many choices out there, WordPress comes highly recommended by many, many users. The fact that people like using it is easily confirmed since it powers over 65 million sites (including hosted and un-hosted sites) in hundreds of different languages. Numbers like that really do speak volumes. Not only is WordPress free, it’s also easy to use and efficient when it comes to SEO.

Continuously gaining popularity among the who’s who of blogging, WordPress has managed to capture a whopping 52% of the market share (according to Royal Pingdom and the Technorati Top 100 Blogs List).

4 Reasons Why Businesses Use WordPress Websites

SEO Made Easy

Not many things in life are easy. So, why not take advantage of things that can be? WordPress builds with clean code, meaning it is properly formatted and organized in a simple way. Starting with a strong base is key to a good website and WordPress offers templates that will help get you started off right. With options for page customization and plug-ins, every page of your site can have a distinctive title and meta-description along with excerpts, categories and tags while boasting a clean, SEO friendly URL string.

Help Yourself

Almost anyone can setup a site using WordPress (yes, even those who have not a tech-savvy bone in their body). If you do want to do something more unique with your site, you will find that it is very easy to locate a developer who knows about WordPress who can help. Unlike some other content management system, WordPress is a universal choice and it pays to choose a CMS that is widely used.

Creative Templates

Another plus related to the widespread affinity for WordPress is that custom, unique templates are easy to find and sometimes free. There are also an endless number of independent designers out there who create SEO friendly templates.

Options to Optimize

Adding plugins to your site is helpful if you’re looking to increase its functionality. Before making any changes, ensure that they’re SEO friendly and will help instead of hurt when it comes to local search. There are many programs out there that can help with plugins. One worth checking out is WordPress SEO by Yoast. With page-level access, it’s an easy way to optimize your heart out.