Managing the way your company appears online is obviously important for so many reasons. Not only do you want to keep your reputation in check, but also you want to make sure that whatever is floating around out there is true and is displayed in the way you want it to appear (a.k.a. “branding”). This is a good reason why you should spend a little bit of time inspecting your Google+ Company Page.

Here’s the problem with Google+ Company Pages that don’t have your full attention: Google search will show your information, as they know it. Checking the accuracy of this information is your first priority. After that, it’s up to you to keep the page updated with all of your latest information, photos and even your logo.

Snippets Now Showing Logos and Icons

Snippets are just that – a snippet of information taken from the entire content of your business page used to give a quick snapshot. One of Google’s latest updates to Google+ has prompted company logos to display in snippets of search results listings.

If you have a Google+ Company Page and a verified website listed, the snippet shown by Google may include your logo or icon. The problem that some people are having with this is that, since it is a form of Google marketing, they should be able to publish what they want to show up. Since Rel=publisher isn’t required for the logo to be displayed, and all that is required is that your company have a Google+ page and a verified website, there’s no use of publisher code and no way to directly control the snippet portion of your listing.

Google says that they don’t currently have a plan, and may never have a plan, to bring publishership into the mix.