Chances are you’ve heard of Yahoo Answers. If not, it’s a very popular Q&A site that hadn’t been given much attention from Yahoo until recently. Even with a lack of user-friendly qualities, Answers has remained popular because the content is completely user generated.

Yahoo’s Help Guru Gets Help

Difficulties within the company have resulted in a lack of devotion and upkeep to many of its divisions over the past few years, but Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, is ready to get it done. Thankfully, Answers doesn’t need too much help. The basics are already there but it definitely needs some sprucing up if it’s going to perform as Yahoo’s social scene sensation.

Yahoo Answers provides a service that’s in high demand and likely won’t ever fizzle. People trust other people much more than paid advertisers, and rightly so. Just as Yelp Reviews are highly considered, Yahoo Answers is sort of the Yelp of Q&A. Yahoo knows that the potential is there to make this hit even hotter. That’s why the online help guru is not only getting a makeover with a variety of updates, it’s also going mobile, and it’s about time.

So What’s New?

The goal of the Answers update is to create an overall better social experience. With the ability to add pictures and video, the site will not only be more helpful but also much more entertaining. With basic updates like these, Answers will probably experience higher traffic, which will result in more search volume and user participation.Even though Answers has already proven itself a valuable SEO tool, Yahoo wants to focus on making it more engaging.

Why You Should Make Answers Your Friend

You’re probably thinking “oh no, not another social site to manage”. But it’s true. Yahoo Answers should be added into your mix of online social scenes. This is a bit different from the usual Facebook experience. People look to Answers to get ANSWERS. Why not be the one to help answer those questions? You’ve got the knowledge and experience to offer real, helpful advice.

You’ve Got the Answers

When a user posts a question related to oral health, dental care, or anything related to your field – you could be there to help! What a great feeling to be able to offer solid, trustworthy advice to people who don’t know where to turn. Not only will you increase your exposure on Google, this is a great way to prove yourself. By giving professional advice online, you’re showing people you know what you’re talking about. Being an active participant in social media means you need to focus on reputation management instead of just being seen. Offering guidance is a surefire way to build your name.

It’s Worth Your While

The little time it will take you to wiggle into the world of Answers is nominal in comparison to what you’ll likely get in return. Setup a profile in minutes that’ll display your basic information including a photo, phone number, location, website and email. Block of a few minutes of your day a few times a week and pop on to see what types of questions are floating around out there. If you know you have good advice to offer, step in and say it. At the very least, someone out there will be grateful.