As a dentist, you work hard to produce quality content that your patients will find interesting when looking at your social media profile or blog. Content marketing is an integral part of online marketing because it directly plays into SEO and delivering value to your readers. The challenge is finding the time to constantly create high quality content.

A solution for expanding your content marketing footprint is to re-purpose each piece you create to present it in a new and interesting way. Here are our favorite ways for doing exactly that.

Create Your Blog Post

The first thing you should do is create a blog post that can be promoted through your social media sites and placed onto your website. Your blog post should be around 500 words and contain key information that is useful to your readers. By filling this document with important tips, facts, and statistics, you can extrapolate that information and use it later on.

Social Media

Tweet, Facebook, and Google+ some of the key stats that you used to create your blog post. Find an interesting image that collaborates this statistic and use it with you posts. You should have enough statistics for several days of posting from one blog post. You can direct people to your blog to learn more.

You can also post the same blog post repeatedly by simply changing the social media title. For example, “Teeth Whitening Tips”, “Remove Yellow Stains from Your Teeth”, “How to Create a Bright White Smile”. Rotate several blog posts, changing the titles on your posts, to get the most traction out of each blog that you write.

Create a YouTube Video

YouTube is an extremely popular search engine, second only to Google. This provides you an excellent opportunity to gain exposure. Shoot a quick video where you talk about the information contained within your blog post. Some people enjoy watching videos over reading things in print. The information can be the exact same,and you can shoot it in your office with a smart phone. Just don’t read your blog post. Deliver the information naturally and if you have any props to explain what you wrote about, use them. Include keyword tags when uploading your YouTube video and promote it across all of your social media channels.

Host a Google Hangout or Webinar

If the information,you wrote about is more informative or geared towards other professionals you can host a Google Hangout or a webinar to provide more in depth information on what you were discussing. This is an effective tool for discussing new approaches to patient care, the technology you have been working on, or collaborating with other dentists. Social media and content marketing can work hand in hand to both share and collaborate with other professionals.

By re-purposing your content marketing, you can extend the life-cycle of each piece and make the information appeal to a wider audience.Simple things, like changing the title, can get you the additional traction you have been looking for.