Did you know that Yahoo and Bing have improved their local business listing features? While Google is still the major player, it is important to have up to date business listings on Yahoo and Bing to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to attract new customers. Yahoo marketing is an important aspect of online marketing as there is still a group of dedicated Yahoo users. Those that are on the fringe may begin to use their services more and more as they continue to make improvements to their platform.

Yahoo’s New Features

Yahoo just announced that they will now display local business information next to search results. The result is a look and feel that is very similar to Google search results. They are now displaying hours of operations, basic business facts, photos, and relevant rich media such as a menu.

Now, when users conduct a Yahoo search a list of local businesses will show up. Users may see their rating, address, and phone number on the main search page. When they click on the business name, more information will appear. This is slightly different from the local business directories that you will find with Google. The additional step only takes a moment and provides the same level of information once clicked. Yahoo marketing is an additional way to grow your customer base and this improved search feature will be valuable for local businesses.

Yahoo Marketing is Growing

Yahoo marketing is seeing steady improvement after Google’s Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo. By incorporating, some of Google’s user friendly features Yahoo may be able to capture more market share. In their announcement Yahoo said the idea was to, “make it easier to get the essential facts for any business in the U.S. right on the search results page.”

If you are not listed on Yahoo, create an account and list your business information now. You may also want to check and confirm that your information is up to date. These search results are now front and center so having an outdated phone number or old address could cause you to lose business.

As a business, it is important to be listed in all of the local business directories because you never know where your customers will come from. Local business directories can improve your SEO, ranking on organic search results, and make it easier for new customers to find you.