Yelp is a trusted consumer resource. People can easily register, review companies, and give feedback to other users. As a business it is important to be listed on a site with such a stellar reputation. Your competitors are and you should be too. Yelp marketing should be part of your small business marketing strategy.

Yelp recently conducted a study to prove the quality of local data that is found on its site. They collected information on 1,000 local businesses and personally verified that information against Yelp and their competitors. Their researched checked for the accuracy of the business name, address, phone number, photos, website, duplicates, and location. They were ranked only second to Google and far outranked competitors like Yellowbook.

It is important to for consumers to know where they can go for accurate local business directories. They are one of the most trusted review sites and a tool for social media marketing. Yelp has a solid reputation for a reason and this study proves why.

Location Accuracy – Yelp gave viewers an accurate location 82% of the time compared with only 54% of the time on TripAdvisor. If you are visiting from out of town and need an emergency dentist, Yelp is more likely to get you there.

Phone Number – Yelp gave an accurate phone number 81% of the time where Foursquare (surprisingly) only gives an accurate phone number 59% of the time.

Pictures – Yelp has more pictures in their local business directories than Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellowbook, and TripAdvisor. Users can upload photos directly. You should ask your office manager to upload photos from your dental practice. Pictures make it easier for new patients to feel comfortable with the atmosphere of your dental office, prior to scheduling an appointment.

One of the ways Yelp keeps there data accurate is by having strict quality control measures. They check their listings on a regular basis to make sure they are accurate and listed properly. This helps local business directories stay fresh, even though businesses are always changing. With extremely accurate data, and a high consumer following, Yelp marketing is a resource you can use to promote your business and help customers find you.

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